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Proactive Roof Stain Prevention

Roof-A-Cide® Prevents Recurring Stain Mold Fungus

    Roof-A-Cide Eliminates the damaging cycle of roof cleaning with harsh toxic chemicals and high pressure. We Make Roof Cleaning Obsolete!

Since 1992, Roof-A-Cide® is the industry leader of Roof Stain Prevention and Only EPA Registered and Approved  Roof Stain Preventative Treatment. Everything else is just a cleaner.

  • Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Non-toxic and Environmentally Safe for people, pets, and plants.
  • Approved by Every Major roofing manufacturer in the U.S.
  • Safely prevents recurring stain, mold, fungus and algae.
  • Restores original color on; Clay Tile, Concrete, Shingle, Stone Coated Steel and Slate roofing systems.               
  • All it takes is a light spray every few years to keep the roof stain free.
  • Roof-A-Cide® helps to maintain a healthy roof’s service life. Over 1 Million roofs treated.
  • Warranty is transferable to a new owner.
Roof-A-Cide® Treatment – Featured on Designing Spaces TV, Episode 1/20/20 – Home improvement   
Roof-A-Cide West – Proactive Roof Stain Maintenance – Safe, Cost-effective, Proven and Guaranteed!      
  • Roof-A-Cide is BETTER than cleaning and the most cost-effective solution available.
  • Eliminates toxic, harsh household cleaners and chemical products used in Florida residential and commercial roof cleaning which are; corrosive, high strength chlorine and chemicals.
  • Frequent caustic cleaning often contributes to premature; roof leaks, unhealthy mold, costly repairs or reroof.
  • Toxic chemical runoff will burn and kill plants..

Homeowners, Board Members and Property Managers, your community roofs once treated and protected with Roof-A-Cide® Treatment will remain free of stain, mold and fungus, year after year, Guaranteed!

Roof-A-Cide® West – Proactive Roof Stain Prevention

The Treatment is the Cure!™

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