Roof Restore® Cleaner Video

Roof Restore® Cleaner, Safely removes algae, mold and black stains from asphalt shingle and stone coated metal roofs, found throughout 80% of the US.

Roof Restore® Cleaner is 100% Bio-degradable, specifically formulated as an Environmentally Safe GREEN PRODUCT, does not contain any harsh chemicals such as; Chlorine, sodium hydroxide (Lye), sodium hypochlorite or TSP – providing the Safest Alternative to costly damage caused by repeated chemical (Chlorine) roof cleaning!

Roof Restore® Cleaner is bio-degradable and applied with a light spray to roof, quickly removing all algae, mold and black stains, then gently rinsed. In minutes, the roof is clean and restored to it’s original color. Contractors we have the Safe, Cost-Effective and  Guaranteed products Your Customers are looking for.

Sold only to professionals. Minimum order: 5 Gallons (1 case), shipped as a powerful, dry powder concentrate. Cleans 9 -10,000+ Sq. Ft. of roof. Contact us to place an order.

   Roof-A-Cide® Treatment Application Video 

Roof-A-Cide  Algaecide/Stain Treatment is applied to a dry roof with a light spray, 60 psi., chemically bonding to and protecting the roof. No rinsing required. Prevents future growth of algae, mold, fungus and black stains, resulting in costly premature roof repair or replacement.

Roof-A-Cide ® Algaecide/Stain Treatment is the industry leader, proven performance for more than 25 years. From individual homes to whole communities of more than 1,000 homes, each roof treated with Roof-A-Cide Algaecide/Fungicide is Unconditionally GUARANTEED to remain clean and free of algae, mold, black stains or fungus growth for 2 Years!  ( White and light color roofs are 1 Full year.) “The Treatment is the Cure”.™

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